Would you like Assistance with the BOOKING of your
LEARNERS or DRIVERS licence TEST Date in Gauteng?

Earliest test dates available:

  LEARNERS   --   Within 5 working days

       DRIVERS       --   Within 10 working days 
JHB / PTA / East & West Rand

Booking Assistance & all Practice Q & A's for Once-Off R59!!!

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Symbolic Signs
Traffic control Robot’ ahead Traffic control ‘Stop’ ahead Traffic control Yield’ ahead Pedestrian crossing ahead Pedestrians ahead Children ahead
Pedal cycles ahead Tunnel ahead Domestic animals, Cattle ahead Domestic animals horses ahead Sheep ahead Wild animals ahead
Gate ahead  Motor gate ahead, to right Motor gate ahead, to left Motor gate ahead, middle Railway crossing ahead Agricultural vehicles
Height restriction Vehicle length restriction Steep ascent ahead Steep descent ahead Slow moving heavy vehicles ahead Gravel road begins ahead
Narrow bridge ahead One vehicle width structure ahead Road narrows on left Road narrows on both sides Road narrows on right Uneven roadway ahead
Speed hump ahead Slippery road ahead Falling or fallen Rocks, from left Falling or fallen Rocks, from right General warning Emergency flashing light
Jetty edge, or river bank Crosswind ahead Drift ahead Low flying air craft