Would you like Assistance with the BOOKING of your
LEARNERS or DRIVERS licence TEST Date in Gauteng?

Earliest test dates available:

  LEARNERS   --   Within 5 working days

       DRIVERS       --   Within 10 working days 
JHB / PTA / East & West Rand

Booking Assistance & all Practice Q & A's for Once-Off R59!!!

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Hazard Marker Signs
Danger plate On right Danger plate, On Left   Railway crossing One track   Railway crossing two or more  Sharp chevron to right Sharp chevron, to left
Triple sharp chevron,To left Triple sharp chevron, to right     
Chevron, dead end or road closed Chevron T-Junction
Warning Sign Combinations
Caution Concealed road ahead Caution Slow down, reduce speed Caution slow moving vehicles down winding road (first left) for specified distance Caution Temporary Potholes sign Caution speed bumps, speed not exceeding specified km/h Caution winding road, first left for specified distance, do not exceed specified km/h
Caution Temporary men at work for specified distance sign Caution no parking tow away sign Caution do not exceed specified speed limit, speed camera's area Caution Hairpin bend to left, do not exceed specified speed