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LEARNERS or DRIVERS licence TEST Date in Gauteng?

Earliest test dates available:

  LEARNERS   --   Within 5 working days

       DRIVERS       --   Within 10 working days 
JHB / PTA / East & West Rand

Booking Assistance & all Practice Q & A's for Once-Off R59!!!

Test Results
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The following information explains the test break down, it shows the details of each section of the test and the minimum score requirements.

There are 3 sections:

Road Rules: 28 questions

Road Signs: 28 questions

Controls: 8 questions

Rules of the Road: 22/28 (you need to get at least 22 out of 28 questions correct.)

Road Signs: 23/28 (you need to get at least 23 out of 28 questions correct.)

Controls: 6/8 (you need to get at least 6 out of 8 questions correct.)