Command Signs
Minimum Speed Direction Left Only Direction Right Only   Right Only Left Only Direction Straight Only
Turn Left Only Turn Right Only Only Pedestrians Only Bicycles Only Pedal Cycles & Pedestrians Only Pedal Cycles & Pedestrians
Only Pedestrians & Pedal Cycles Only Pedestrians & Pedal Cycles Agricultural Vehicles Only Only  Motorcycles Vehicles only Taxis Only
Midi-busses only Mini-busses only Busses Only Deliver Vehicles only Goods Vehicles only Goods Vehicles over specified
Construction Vehicles Vehicles carrying Hazardous Substances               Abnormal Vehicles  Rickshaws only Tour busses only Pay toll
Animal-drawn Vehicles only Switch head lamps on Busses & mini  busses only    Busses & midi busses only Busses , midi & mini busses only
Control Signs
Stop Sign Stop/Yield 4 way stop Stop/Go sign Yield Sign Yield to Pedestrians
Yield at traffic circle Entry Prohibited One way: Right One way: Straight One way: Left Pedestrians Priority
Prohibition Signs
Maximum speed Entire Mass limit Axle mass Load Height Limit Width size Limit Excessive Noise Prohibited
Unauthorised Vehicles Prohibited Left Turn Ahead Prohibited Right Turn Ahead Prohibited Left Turn Prohibited  Right Turn Prohibited  U-Turn Prohibited 
Over Taking Prohibited Over Taking by Goods Vehicles Prohibited       Parking Prohibited       Stopping Prohibited Pedestrian Prohibited Pedal Cycles Prohibited
Pedal Cycles & Pedestrian Prohibited Motor Cycles Prohibited Vehicles Prohibited Taxis Prohibited Mini-BussesProhibited Midi-Busses Prohibited
Busses Prohibited Delivery Vehicles Prohibited Goods Vehicles prohibited  Goods Vehicles over given mass prohibited Construction Vehicles Prohibited Abnormal Vehicles Prohibited     
Rickshaws Prohibited Tour Busses Prohibited Agricultural Vehicles Prohibited Animal-drawn vehicles Prohibited Hazardous substances Prohitited in Vehicles
Reservation Signs
Bus Parking Reservation Bus Lane Reservation Bus Lane begins Reservation Tour Bus Reservation Taxi Reservation Meterised Taxi Reservation
Disabled Bay Reservation  Parking Reservation Delivery Vehicle Reservation
Comprehensive Signs
Dual-carriageway Freeway begins Single Carriageway freeway begins
De - Restriction Signs
End of Dual Carriageway End of single Carriageway
Selective Restriction Signs >>
two periods time limit two days or periods time limit maximum time allowed to stay during time or day maximum time allowed to stay during period three periods or days time limit
Vehicles carrying hazardous substances no stopping Vehicle may proceed right only Delivery vehicles must turn right ahead All Vehicles must slow dowm and exercise caution All Vehicles may not stop here
All Delivery Vehicles may not do a U-turn here Vehicles will be Towed if parked here        Parking Prohibited Vehicles will be towed Parking prohibited except for  Permit holders
Road Layout Signs
Crossroad ahead Priority Crossroad ahead Secondary crossroad ahead T-Junction ahead Skew T-Junction ahead Side road junction ahead left
Side road junction ahead right  Staggered junction ahead first right Staggered junction ahead first left Sharp junction ahead to right Sharp junction Ahead to Left Sharp junction ahead from left
Sharp junction ahead from right Y junction ahead End of dual Roadway left End of dual Roadway right Start of Roadway to right Start of Dual  Roadway to left
Direction of movement Signs
Traffic Circle ahead Gentle curve to Right Gentle curve to Left Sharp curve to Right Sharp curve to Left Hairpin bend To right
Hairpin bend to left Winding road ahead, first right Winding road ahead, first left Combined curves ahead first right Combined curves ahead first left Two way traffic
Two-way traffic Crossroad ahead Left Lane ends Right lane ends Concealed driveway ahead, left Concealed driveway Ahead, right Concealed driveway ahead left and right
Symbolic Signs
Traffic control Robot’ ahead Traffic control ‘Stop’ ahead Traffic control Yield’ ahead Pedestrian crossing ahead Pedestrians ahead Children ahead
Pedal cycles ahead Tunnel ahead Domestic animals, Cattle ahead Domestic animals horses ahead Sheep ahead Wild animals ahead
Gate ahead  Motor gate ahead, to right Motor gate ahead, to left Motor gate ahead, middle Railway crossing ahead Agricultural vehicles
Height restriction Vehicle length restriction Steep ascent ahead Steep descent ahead Slow moving heavy vehicles ahead Gravel road begins ahead
Narrow bridge ahead One vehicle width structure ahead Road narrows on left Road narrows on both sides Road narrows on right Uneven roadway ahead
Speed hump ahead Slippery road ahead Falling or fallen Rocks, from left Falling or fallen Rocks, from right General warning Emergency flashing light
Jetty edge, or river bank Crosswind ahead Drift ahead Low flying air craft
Hazard Marker Signs
Danger plate On right Danger plate, On Left Railway crossing One track Railway crossing two or more  Sharp chevron to right Sharp chevron, to left
Triple sharp chevron,To left Triple sharp chevron, to right 
Chevron, dead end or road closed Chevron T-Junction
Warning Sign Combinations
Caution Concealed road ahead Caution Slow down, reduce speed Caution slow moving vehicles down winding road (first left) for specified distance Caution Temporary Potholes sign Caution speed bumps, speed not exceeding specified km/h Caution winding road, first left for specified distance, do not exceed specified km/h
Caution Temporary men at work for specified distance sign Caution no parking tow away sign Caution do not exceed specified speed limit, speed camera's area Caution Hairpin bend to left, do not exceed specified speed
Location Sign Symbols
River name Toll route End of Toll route Dual Carriage way name
single carriage way name Interchange name Conservancy area
Direction Sign Symbols
Railway station Bus Station Airport Power Station
City Centre Toll Route Alternative Route Helipad
Library Train Park & ride Bus Park & ride Minibus rank
Industrial Area Harbour Pick up point Bicycle Route
Parking Mine Shopping Centre Dual-Carriage freeway
Single-carriage freeway
Location Signs
Interchange name Geographical Location River name
Route name Freeway Name National or Provincial border
Street Name Suburb Name City/Town Name
Route Marker Signs
Advanced transport trailblazer Overhead advance route marker
Trailblazer Advance direction route marker
Freeway Direction Signs
Overhead Pre-advance exit direction Overhead Supplementary exit/through direction
Near-side on-ramp direction Far-Side on-Ramp advance direction
Information Signs
Countdown approximately 100m ahead Countdown approximately 200m ahead Countdown approximately 300m ahead
Cul-de-sac (two other version, one indicates a cul-de-sac from left other from right) Right of way
Diagrammatic Signs
Heavy vehicles Engage lower gear Additional lane in 120m Temporary traffic movement affected by obstruction in 150m Arrester bed advance exit
Lane speed control Lane control no goods vehicles in excess of 3t Traffic lane ends in 200m due to obstruction
Temporary Signs
Any sign with a yellow background like the ones below is considered a temporary sign
Temporary Right Only Caution Temporary men at work for specified distance sign Caution Temporary Potholes sign TemporarConstruction Vehicles Temporary Loose stones
Traffic Light Signals
You may only proceed RIGHT subject to the restricting Road Signs. You must yield right of way to other traffic and pedestrians who are lawfully within the junction. You may only proceed STRAIGHT subject to the restricting Road Signs. You must yield right of way to other traffic and pedestrians who are lawfully within the junction. You may only proceed LEFT subject to the restricting Road Signs. You must yield right of way to other traffic and pedestrians who are lawfully within the junction.

Steady Disc Signals

RED: Stop vehicle behind line until green signal is displayed, then proceed cautiously.

GREEN: Proceed junction in any direction subject to the restricting Road Signs.

YELLOW: Prepare to stop your vehicle behind the line and remain stationary until green signal is displayed.

Stop vehicle behind stop line and proceed left only if safe to do so yield to traffic and pedestrians for whom a green light is displayed.

Steady green Arrow:

May proceed straight ahead subject to the restricting Road Signs. You must yield right of way to other traffic and pedestrians who are lawfully within the junction.

Vehicles may drive in lane which has the green arrow signal above it Vehicles may Not drive in lane which has the Red Cross signal above it
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