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 1) You are not allowed to stop:
[A] Next to any obstruction in the street
[B] Next to an emergency vehicle
[C] With the front of your vehicle facing on coming traffic
[D] In front of a police officer

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 2) You may cross or enter a public road:
[A] In any way as long as you indicate in time
[B] If the road is clear of traffic for a long distance & it can be done without obstructing traffic
[C] If the road is clear of traffic
[D] You feel it is safe to do so

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 3)  If you want to change lanes, You must:
[A] Indicate & change lanes
[B] Give the necessary signal & after looking for traffic change lanes
[C] Slow down then indicate & change lanes
[D] Make sure there is no obstruction then change lanes

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 4) You may not drive into an intersection when:
[A] There is not enough space in the intersection to turn right without blocking other traffic
[B] The vehicle in front of you wants to turn right
[C] There is only enough space for a single vehicle
[D] None of the above

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 5) The legal speed at which you may drive:
[A] Is different from town to town 
[B] Depends on if the road is wet or not
[C] Is determined by the appropriate signs next to the road
[D] All of the above

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 6) You may:
[A] Leave your vehicle running without supervision
[B] Put your arm out of the window to give a legal hand signal
[C] Allow someone to ride on the bumper
[D] None of the above

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 7)  When you drive:
[A] Your vision of the road & the traffic must be unobstructed
[B] You must have two hands on the steering wheel
[C] Always check your blind spot
[D] None of the above

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 8) Where may you legally stop with your motorvehicle:
[A] 8m from a Pedestrian crossing
[B] 6m from a level crossing
[C] 5m from a tunnel
[D] None of the above

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 9) The furthest that your vehicles dim lights may shine in front of you, is:
[A] 100m
[B] 150m
[C] 200m
[D] 45m

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 10) The last action that you must take before moving to another lane is to:
[A] switch on indicators
[B] check your mirrors
[C] check your blind spot
[D] None of the above

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