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 1) Motor Cyclists may ride two abreast where the road may seem wide enough:
[A] false
[B] true
[C] None of the above
[D] true, however this applies only in rural towns

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 2) When may you have parts of your body protruding beyond the vehicle:
[A] When signaling to another driver
[B] When signaling for a traffic officer
[C] Never
[D] When hand signals are been given by the driver

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 3) Which of the following are not considered legal parking locations:
[A] Within 6 m of a tunnel
[B] Where the road surface is less than 5.5 m wide
[C] In a loading bay at 12 in the afternoon
[D] All of the above

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4) What is the maximum speed for mini-busses carrying passengers:
[A] 120 km/ph
[B] 100 km/ph
[C] 60 km/ph
[D] 80 km/ph

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 5) Over take on the right only if safe to do so:
[A] false
[B] true
[C] None of the above
[D] false, you may only overtake if you have clear visibility for 150m ahead

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 6) What is true with regard to seatbelts:
[A] If your vehicle has seat belts in the rear it must be worn
[B] When a seatbelt is in the front seat your only passenger may sit in the back with no belt
[C] You need not wear a seat belt when reversing
[D] All of the above

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 7) If you come across an emergency vehicle on the road sounding a siren you must:
[A] Flash your headlights to warn other traffic
[B] Give right of way to the emergency vehicle
[C] Switch on your vehicles emergency lights & blow your Hooter
[D] None of the above

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 8) A safe following distance is when the vehicle in front of you suddenly stops you could:
[A] Swerve & stop next to it
[B] Swerve & pass
[C] Stop without swerving
[D] Allof the above

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 9) If you want to turn left with your vehicle, you must:
[A] First move to the right to enable you to turn to the left with ease
[B] Give the necessary signal in good time
[C] Slow down completely, stop & then turn
[D] All of the above

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 10)  Under what circumstances if any may a motor vehicle without a valid motor vehicle licence be used on a public road?
[A] When the vehicle is used on a quiet road
[B] When a special permit has been obtained
[C] When the driver of the vehicle is certain the vehicle is road worthy
[D] A and B above

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