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1) Which of the following are correct with regards to an accident you are involved in:
[A] Report it to the police within 24 hours
[B] Call a doctor if someone has been injured
[C] Speak with witnesses
[D] A and B

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2) You are allowed to park in emergency vehicle parking bays:
[A] On weekends
[B] On public holidays
[C] This is never allowed
[D] A and B

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3) When is it legal to park in a Disabled parking bay:
[A] When you have had a injury to either of your legs
[B] When you have the valid vehicle disk, displayed and visible through your windscreen
[C] When you are transporting a passenger that is feeling sick or is disabled
[D] A and C

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4) When are traffic or police officer's instructions more important than signs or robots:
[A] When the weather is cloudy
[B] Only on weekends
[C] Always
[D] None of the above

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5) You are permitted to use hand signals on the freeway when:
[A] You are not happy with the flow of traffic
[B] You are unsure if your indicators are working
[C] You are not allowed to use hand signals on the freeway
[D] You are signaling to get a traffic officers attention

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6) How long may a vehicle be parked in one spot on a public road outside an urban area without been towed away:
[A] 3 days
[B] 5 days
[C] 1 days
[D] 4 day

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7) if you wish to change lanes, which of the following is the correct procedure:
[A] Check your blind spot, then behind you, blind spot, indicate, then when safe proceed
[B] Check your blind spot, indicate, then when safe proceed
[C] Check your blind spot, behind you, then when safe proceed
[D] None of the above

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8) What is the correct procedure when you hear a emergency vehicle siren:
[A] Move out the way
[B] Stop right where you are
[C] Allow it safe passage
[D] Start hooting randomly to inform others
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9) When may you cross a road:
[A] Once you have signalled in time and are sure that the road is clear and safe
[B] If you feel that you have enough speed
[C] If its a road you feel you know, don't worry with slowing down
[D] A and C

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 10) When approaching a robot that has just turned yellow, you should:
[A] Drive through cautiously
[B] Overtake the vehicle in front of you to make it through
[C] Reduce your speed, and if safe to do so proceed cautiously
[D] None of the above

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