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 1) Which of the following are legal, with regards to carrying goods:
[i] The goods may not touch the road surface
[ii] The goods may not block the drivers visibility
[iii] The goods may not stand out more than 1.8 m at the rear
[iv] The goods may not be fragile

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 2) How long may you leave your vehicle parked in one spot on a public road within an urban area:
[A] 10 Days
[B] 5 Days
[C] 12 hours
[D] 7 Days

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 3) How long is a vehicle licence valid for:
[A] 3 years
[B] 2 years
[C] 1 year
[D] 7 months

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 4) Which rule is considered the most important rule of the road in South Africa:
[A] Keep as far to the left of the road as is possible
[B] Always help out when it is possible
[C] Never turn down a hitch-hiker
[D] Avoid making contact with suspicious persons on the road

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 5) Which of the following would you consider to be your final check before changing lanes:
[A] Check your rear view mirror
[B] Check your blind spot
[C] Check your passenger side window
[D] Make sure you have a steady handle on the steering wheel

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 6) How close to a bridge may a driver park their vehicle:
[A] At least 10 m away
[B] At least 6 m away
[C] At least 12 m away
[D] None of the above

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 7) How close to a fire hydrant may a driver park their vehicle:
[A] At least 1.2 m away
[B] At least 1.1 m away
[C] At least 1.5 m away
[D] At least 1.4 m away

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 8) Which of the following are not legal parking spots:
[A] Facing oncoming traffic
[B] Anywhere where you may obscure any road traffic or warning signs
[C] In any emergency or demarcated public transport bays
[D] All of the above

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 9) Which of the following would make it illegal for you to obtain a learners licence:
[A] You are blind in one eye
[B] You already have a learners licence
[C] You are unable to fit properly into your vehicle
[D] None of the above

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 10) If the robot is flashing red, which of the following are appropriate:
[A] Come to a complete stop, take off when safe to do so
[B] Slow down, then continue driving
[C] Stop and wait for the green light
[D] Maintain speed and continue if safe to do so

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