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 1) A driver may:
[A] Allow passengers to help steer the vehicle
[B] In an emergency use hand signals on a freeway
[C] While the engine is running leave the vehicle unattended
[D] Let passengers ride on the outside of the vehicle

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 2) When turning at an intersection:
[A] You may overtake another vehicle when turning right
[B] You are required to stop even if the flashing green arrow is pointing right
[C] You have the right of way when turning right
[D] You must Yield to oncoming traffic if you want to turn right

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 3) On national roads what is the speed limit:
[A] 60 km/ph
[B] 160 km/ph
[C] 100 km/ph
[D] 120 km/ph

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 4) You may not pass another vehicle:
[i] On a solid white line
[ii] In a tunnel
[iii] When you're visuals are not clear for at least 100 m ahead
[iv] All of the above

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 5) In residential area's the speed limit is:
[A] 100 km/ph
[B] 40 km/ph
[C] 120 km/ph
[D] 60 km/ph

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 6) On the freeway what is the speed limit:
[A] 160 km/ph
[B] 120 km/ph
[C] 140 km/ph
[D] 100 km/ph

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 7) When is it permissible to drive on the right-hand side of a two way road:
[A] If you plan to turn right at the next corner
[B] When ordered to do so by a traffic officer
[C] If you are been followed by an unknown automobile
[D] All of the above

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 8) What is the minimum tyre tread depth that is allowed:
[A] 1.25 mm over the whole surface
[B] 0.75 mm over the whole surface
[C] 1,00 mm over the whole surface
[D] 0.85 mm over the whole surface

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 9)  When are you allowed to pull over and stop on a freeway:
[i] If told to do so by a police officer
[ii] If you see a friend and want to have a chat
[iii] To obey a traffic officer
[iv] To pick up a hitchhiker

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 10) You are expected to wear your seat belts:
[A] Whenever you are driving on the road
[B] Once the vehicle is stationary
[C] When you are parking
[D] None of the above

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