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The licence demerit system was introduced by the department of traffic on 1 September 2006 in Pretoria, this new points based system is targeting individuals who are abusing our roads & putting our safety in Jeopardy by suspending or revoking their licences. 

The DLTS (driving licence demerit system) has been modeled on the Australian system whereby all the details /records of an Individual are stored on their Drivers Licence card. This system is successfully used in many other countries.

What will happen is, every driver will be given 12 points, but if you lose the points through:
  • Being caught speeding.
  • Not having your licence with you.
  • Losing your licence.
  • Not wearing your seatbelt.
  • Your car lights are not working.
  • Drinking and driving.
  • Running over a pedestrian.
  • Not stopping at a stop sign.

      Should you violate any of the above - Points will be deducted accordingly

    How will the points be allocated
    ? At the start of the year every Driver will be allocated 12 Points - you may not lose more then these 12 points within a 12 month period. If you do then your licence will be suspended!!!
    If you receive more then 3 Suspensions then your Drivers Licence is CANCELLED.

    If you do not lose any points during the course of the year - you will then receive a Bonus point added to your 12 points when you start the next year off!!!
  • But in occurrence offer major traffic violations, the department of transport will not change its old system, it will still let drivers face up to the normal procedures in court.

    Below are a few examples of how this would affect major violations:
    • 2 points will be deducted, if you are found with an unregistered car, you'll be left with 10 penalty scores which means a fine of R500.
    • 2 points will be deducted if found not having your drivers licence with and you'll be getting a R250 fine.
    • 1 point will be deducted if found not wearing a seatbelt and you'll be getting a fine of R250
    • 3 points will be deducted if found overloaded by 25% and you'll receive a fine of R1 250.
    • 3 points will be deducted if you did not stop at a stop sign.
    Fines For Speeding Limit
    • 1 point will be deducted from your demerit if you are 21% to 30% over the speed limit and you will getting a fine of R500
    • 2 demerit point will be given if you are 31% to 45% over the speed limit and you will be given a R750 fine.
    • No demerit will be deducted if you are speeding up to 20% over the speed limit but you will be presented with a fine of R250.
    • You will be fined R1 250 if you are doing 46% to 60% over the speed limit and 3 points from your demerit will be deducted.

    When it comes to speeding the existing law of South Africa whereby if you are traveling in excess of 60km an hour of the speed limit you will have your fate determined by the courts will still remain the same. In addition to 4 demerit points been deducted.